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"The Adaptation of Public Service Broadcasting to the Multiplatform Scenario"

February 6th 2012
Venue: Hanse-Office in Brussels
This workshop wanted to analyse the current transformations as well as the extension experienced by Public Service Broadcasting due to technology innovation. Both factors have resulted in relevant conflicts and discussions within the media market. They have also fostered an intense political debate.

By means of presenting the results of the research project PSB-Digital and thanks to the participation of relevant speakers, this workshop aims to provide valuable insights and knowledge about a major political and professional issue within the European media scenario.


Speakers' Profiles

Presentation: Redefining and Repositioning Public Service Media in the
                       Multiplatform scenario - Challenges, Opportunities and Risks.

                       [presentation] [presentation in pdf] [graphics]

List of Participants

Call for Papers - Central European Journal of Communication
Research project funded by the European Union under a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development (FP7-PEOPLE-IEF-2008)