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"Adapting Public Service to the Multiplatform Scenario"

July 9th 2012 - 18:00-20:00
Venue: Hans-Bredow-Institut für Medienforschung
The seminar was opened by Prof. Dr. Uwe Hasebrink, who reviewed the reasons and the relevance of analysing the evolution of Public Service and how an international approach can provide valuable insights.

Next, Dr. Alison Harcourt gave the invited lecture "Defining Public Service Broadcasting under European Union Competition Law", which provided an excellent perspective of how the issues related to public service media have been addressed by the European Union's institutions and how supranational public policy determines the debate about public service and its performance conditions at national markets.

Finally, Dr. Roberto Suárez presented the final report of the PSB-Digital project, highlighting some of the most interesting adaptation practices carried out by public broadcasters in Germany, Poland and Spain. In addition, he commented on the recommendations addressed to public service managers and political decision-makers included in the report.

Final Report (pdf, 2.1 Mb)

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Research project funded by the European Union under a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development (FP7-PEOPLE-IEF-2008)